Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Workers at Fort Wayne airport losing jobs

The Associated Press reports that 300 workers are losing their jobs at the Fort Wayne International Airport:

Kitty Hawk has closed its sorting facility at Fort Wayne International Airport, eliminating about 300 jobs. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in mid-October. Dallas-based Kitty Hawk will continue to operate air cargo charter operations, but that was not part of its business at Fort Wayne, a spokesman said.

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ROACH said...

this great news just in! hooray! fort wyane is getting 150 new jobs-
a defiance ohio company, with a branch facility in California, is shutting down its california facility, and moving to the frequently vacant former (most recently mattell) building on S. Myer rd. Mostly minimla wage assembly/production jobs, and a few branch manager jobs.
all our local officials are jumping for joy! Our local Economic development Alliance gave away the farm for this.
And best of all? the jobs start in 2011!! boy thats really going to help keep me from becoming homeless for the next 4 years, if this deal doesnt fall through..
we shall see!