Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Delta Faucet laying off 95 in Greensburg

Delta Faucet is laying off 95 workers in Greensburg:

The Delta Faucet factory in Greensburg again has trimmed its workforce, a newspaper reports.

Delta laid off 95 hourly employees in response to the lagging U.S. housing market, which has not improved in the last two years, reports the Daily News.

“The challenging economic times, the downturn in the U.S housing market and softening in demand led Delta Faucet Company to make the difficult decision to layoff hourly staff at the Greensburg facility,” Paula Warner, manager of corporate communications and public relations, told the newspaper. “While this move is unfortunate, this will help Delta maintain its competitive position.”

Warner said while the layoffs aren’t intended to be permanent, the market will dictate whether the workers will return to the plant.

“The affected employees will have callback rights for a period of time; much will depend on market conditions,” she told the newspaper.

With the cut, the plant still has a workforce of about 662 people.


Anonymous said...

Get rid of some of the fat-cat SALARY people, not the ones that MAKE MONEY for the company

Anonymous said...

They did - 25 2 months ago andprobably more later