Sunday, October 7, 2007

Affinia to close, lay off 190 workers by mid-2008

An auto parts maker in Northern Indiana will close, eliminating 190 local jobs:

Auto parts maker Affinia Group Inc. has decided to close its northern Indiana factory and cut about 190 jobs.

The company chose to keep an Oklahoma plant open despite efforts by city officials to work with Affinia to avoid the factory closing, Mayor Jeff Rea said.

Affinia officials began talking with Mishawaka leaders months ago as it began considering whether to consolidate the plants. Rea, however, said it did not find out about Affinia's decision until he was called by a South Bend Tribune reporter.

"We feel a little burned," Rea said Friday. "We invested a lot of time with them."

Affinia announced it would close the chassis products manufacturing and packaging facility, which is a former Dana Corp. plant, by mid-2008.

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