Friday, June 15, 2007

Aztar axes a dozen more

Casino Aztar is laying off another 12 employees in Evansville:

Twelve more Casino Aztar employees were laid off Thursday, prompting a pointed response from Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel, who said the latest cuts broke yet another commitment by the casino's owner.

At Weinzapfel's request, the Indiana Gaming Commission has been investigating Columbia Sussex's plan to lay off at least 70 workers from Casino Aztar. Columbia officials have said the layoffs were needed because of increased competition from a French Lick, Ind., casino, but they had agreed not to make further cuts until the commission's investigation was complete.

Late last week, commissioner Don Vowels said the investigation was ongoing.

"Once again Columbia Sussex is thumbing its nose at the Gaming Commission which is in the middle of an investigation regarding whether their business practices contradict the promises they made to the Gaming Commission, City of Evansville and the State of Indiana," Weinzapfel said in a statement issued Thursday night.


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